Prepare for certification. Document checklist.

The certification process is not difficult, but it is very detailed. Having documents ready to upload and/or content to cut and paste will make completing the process much easier. The chart below will assist you in completing the online applications. The application will accept a wide variety of file formats including jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, tif, psd, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, and txt. The server can typically handle uploading 10 to 20 MB of data. If you documents exceed this amount, you can mail documents to: SoberHood, PO Box 4616, Austin, TX 78765.

Question Items you should have readily available while completing the application
Section 1 Provider Application
A6.01 Articles of Incorporation (if applicable)
A7.01 Proof of liability coverage (if applicable)
A8 Mission Statement
A11 Vision Statement
A15 Code of Ethics (Sample)
A16 Signed Legal Compliance Affidavit (Sample)
A17.01 Website address (URL) used for marketing
A17.02 Printed marketing materials
C1.01 Resident application
C1.02 Website address of online resident application (if applicable)
D2.01 Resident agreement
D3.01 House rules
Section 2: Level of Support
M1 Weekly schedule of residents’ activities (Worksheet)
N1 Staffing exercise (Worksheet)
Section 3: Onsite Inspection Checklist
Hazard Checklist
Health and Safety Affidavit
Evacuation map (if applicable)
Grievance notification (sample)